Run for Office

If you are interested in running as a Democratic candidate in Otsego County or seeking the endorsement of the county committee please contact

2019 Petition Guide

Offices up for election in 2024

2023 Vacancies.pdf

Collect Signatures

Witnessing A Petition.pdf

Signature Requirements

For public office you must collect signatures from 5% of the democrats registered in your district as of February 21st

The first day to collect signatures is February 27th

2023 Signature Requirements.pdf

File the petition...

Designating Petitions must be filed at the Otsego County Board of Elections, 140 Co Hwy 33W, Ste 2, Cooperstown, NY 13326 between April  1st-4th

Filing hours are 9am-5pm

2024 Political Calendar

2024 Political Calendar.pdf

Campaign Finance

All candidates must file with the New York State Board of Elections

2022 Campaign Contribution Limits.pdf

How to request campaign funds from the OCDC

The committee will review and vote on requests from candidates for financial support on a monthly basis. Requests must conform to all federal and state election finance regulations as well as meeting the criteria set forward by the committee.